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Miten vaihdan kielen? Hur byter jag språket? How do I change the language of web service is currently only available in Finnish and Swedish. You can switch the language from the language selector toggle at the bottom of your web browser's screen. You can see the toggle after you've logged in. Please note that the selector is still in beta mode.* Nordnet's mobile app is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can change the app's language by logging in to the app, then clicking the "human-icon" in the upper right corner and choosing "Kieli" from the menu, then choosing either the English or Swedish flag. Download the app for free at App Store or at Google Play.

Nordnet's communication towards customers is primarily conducted in Finnish. This includes newsletters, morning letters and other communication, such as information about changes to our services or products.

* Important information about the language selector feature in Nordnet's web service:

Please note that the language selector on web service is still in a beta mode, which means that you may encounter some broken links, links to or information specific to Nordnet's Swedish-speaking customers. We are working to make the service in Swedish better and more extensive soon. When using our service in Swedish, many of the pages in our menu are available only in Finnish. We are working on translated versions of these pages and they will be released during 2021.

* Known issues when using in Swedish:

• When creating a monthly savings plan through Nordnet's guided flow, the currency is erroneously shown as SEK. If you enter 500 SEK as the amount to be saved each month, the service will save this as 500 EUR. 


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