Episode 7 of #slowtofast: “Optimize for uncertainty” – On design systems, managing up, and handling feedback

Welcome to episode number seven of #slowtofast, a podcast in which we share our thoughts, ideas and experiences in product development and design. We are your hosts: Marcus Castenfors, Head of Product Design and Dennis Hettema, Chief Innovation Officer at Nordnet.

In this episode, Marcus geeks out about design systems and talks about the launch of Nordnet’s new visual identity and UI kit. He explains Nordnet’s process for working with Atomic Design, a framework for managing design systems. Dennis brings up something that you don’t often read about in the business press: how to manage your manager. He explains some simple tactics that you can apply to elevate yourself in your career, and most importantly to help your manager. Marcus also talks about an interesting article he recently read about the key characteristics of successful organizations. Dennis ends the episode by opening up about being on the receiving end of negative feedback. Perhaps, you should be more of a “Teflon dog” in those situations?

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Nordnet Brand Library

Nordnet UI kit on GitHub

Atomic Design

Design Sprints

Nordnet Design Studio’s Definition of Done

Salesforce’s Lightning Design System

Lonely Planet’s Design System

Dropbox’s branding

Yelp’s style guide

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek [Book]

“The Future of Organizations is Responsive” by Mike Arauz

The Law of Accelerating Returns

OODA loop

Lean Startup Principles 

Radical Candor

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Marcus and Dennis

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