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Multiconsult: Anne Harris resigns as CFO in Multiconsult and takes a position as CFO in Statkraft

08:00 After having served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Multiconsult since September 2014, Anne Harris will leave the company. She has accepted a new position as CFO in Statkraft. She will continue in her current position until further notice and no later than 1 June 2019. Multiconsults search for a new CFO is underway. Annes superb financial and leadership skills, together with a thorough understanding of the business, have made her an efficient CFO and an excellent part of our corporate management team. Her great efforts during the IPO in 2015 are highly appreciated. I want to express my gratitude to Anne and wish her success in the new and exciting role at Statkraft, says Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO in Multiconsult ASA. My time in Multiconsult has been rewarding both personally and professionally and I will miss my good friends and colleagues. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have had to work for a company with such rich history and culture. Multiconsult is at an exciting place in time and I leave knowing that it is well-positioned on its long-term path, says Anne Harris. For further information, please contact: Investor relations: Mirza Koristovic, Head of Investor Relations Phone: +47 93 87 05 25 E-mail: ir@multiconsult.no Media: Gaute Christensen, VP Communications Phone: +47 911 70 188 E-mail: gaute.christensen@multiconsult.no ----------------------------------------------------------- http://news.cision.com/multiconsult/r/anne-harris-resigns-as-cfo-in-multiconsult-and-takes-a-position-as-cfo-in-statkraft,c2694683 © Cision
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