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Why start a tech blog?

Why? Good question. Why on earth blog about something as infinitely boring as IT & banking? Is it about ancient AS400-systems that nobody has the guts to go near, covered in dust – deeply buried in some god forgotten datacenter, guarded by a handful of introvert overly paid dorks?

Well no. To be honest and transparent with you guys, we do this because our PR manager asked us to, and it might also be a sneaky way to get us more customers in the end. But either way, as we’ve been discussing this, me and my colleagues also realized this could be fun! And no, Nordnet is a bank that doesn’t have any AS400 (to my knowledge at least). So damn it, let’s do it OUR way and give this blogging thing a try!

Who knows, maybe it might be of interest to some people out there to discuss topics as legacy war, continuous delivery, chaotic production situations (that you don’t really want to know about), aspects of cooperation, low latency data communication, cool web frameworks, hardware mania, etc. Ultimately, there might even pop up moments of inspiration, innovation and smashing ideas every now and then along the bumpy road!

CTO-klas-ljungkvistPlease leave a comment if you have any questions or if there’s anything techy in particular you want us to write about.

So, my friends, welcome to banking from a geeky perspective – let’s go!

/Klas, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

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